Do you know how frustrating it is when you introduce a new system or process, and the team's response is lukewarm at best?

It may be that the chosen solution solves your understanding of the problem, but the people who will use the new system see the issues very differently.

If you want an enthusiastic response, then you must overcome 'The Iceberg of Ignorance' to drive effective changes that your team will engage with.

To make a great decision, you must understanding the problem

IcebergOf Ignorance

Sidney Yoshida's 1989 study found that executives only know 4% of the internal problems their organization has. This is down to three main factors:

  1. The "mum effect" - we are uncomfortable delivering bad news, especially when reporting issues to our boss.
  2. There is only so much time to communicate.
  3. We think we know and understand what is going on (superstitious learning).

If you only know of 4% of the problems in your organization, how can you make effective decisions which will drive meaningful change?

How to change

The key here is perspective - you must let go of the assumption you can know everything and make all of the decisions. One person simply can't do it all. You have a team and pay them for a reason!

Once you've reframed your perspective, you need to:

  1. Align culture, purpose, and values at all levels, so you can comfortably delegate
  2. Empower and encourage decision-making at all levels to empower your organization

Join other influential decision-makers who use our TIE System (Timing, Issues, Engagement) who not only enjoy an engaged team, but also achieve more successful outcomes. Are you ready to drive change?

Profit from change

  • Over 50% of business decisions fail - what is this costing you?
  • Your team will love the trust and autonomy you give them by delegating decisions. This makes people stay stick around.
  • If you are preparing your business for a sale and you are heavily involved in the day to day running. This will severely limit the value someone is prepared to pay.

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