Executive Coaching


Do you find that only part of your team participates during meetings and that important decisions are made before the meeting starts? Does the decision-making process take too long? Do certain team members half commit to projects and then throw up endless issues during implementation?

You are not alone. Many companies have issues with constructively engaging their management teams to make decisions in a way that avoids politics, is done in a timely manner and produces effective results.

The process

During the initial consultation we explore and understand the issues holding back your business growth. Based on your needs, we create a plan of action, specifying which tools and techniques will be used to get results.  This is followed by a joint review of the plan to finalize the scope and will include:

  • The timing, requirements and process for implementation.
  • Which key performance indicators (KPIs) you will use to measure change.
  • How and when to measure results against the KPIs.
  • If you would like quarterly checkups to ensure you continue on the path for success.


You will determine the level of involvement you would like in the process, and how much you would like your team to be engaged. This could be:

  • Working with you individually – acting as a sounding board.
  • Working in detail with you and studying the team dynamics. This might be observing team meetings or conducting separate interviews with your team.
  • Taking an active role in team meetings to guide the implementation.


Once this initial phase is over, we stay in contact to ensure you are experiencing the results you want. Keeping you updated with the latest industry research and techniques is all part of the service.

Employee retention issues?

Employee retention is a constant concern for business leaders. It’s hard to grow to your full potential if you are understaffed or cannot retain people long enough for them to become competent in their roles. This is compounded by the time and expense of hiring replacements in today’s hot job market. Want your people to stick around? We can show you how to increase their loyalty and improve your growth.

Losing your competitive edge?

Have you ever walked into a meeting and been silently (or not so silently) frustrated about a lack of progress and the endless implementation issues? Do you wonder why people don’t seem to care like you do? We help with that.

Further information

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