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Looking to innovate?

“Ditch the Startup Mentality and Adopt a Venture Capitalist Mindset” The suggestion in this KelloggInsight article is that when being told to innovate, rather than turning the culture of your organization into a start-up, use the venture capital model to look at the data for areas where you can take big risks and get big…

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3 Key Points about Staff Turnover

1. It’s bigger than you think 51% of your employees are considering a new job. Realistically, they won’t all quit at once, but the average turnover rate was 26% in 2017. Look around the office and imagine how difficult it will be to replace a quarter of your team and the impact it will have…

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Want to retain your talent?

Want to retain your talent? Many studies have shown that how you make decisions has a dramatic impact on not only how effective the outcome is, but also whether your team wants to stay working with you. You may be frustrated by how difficult it is to find good candidates for your open positions now,…

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Are you good at decision-making?

Are you good at decision-making? Effective decision-making is a key ability for any leader, as it determines the ROI of any project and ultimately whether the firm is successful. Most of us assume that we make good decisions, but extensive research has shown that this is not true. Do you know which techniques can maximize your…

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An “intervention” leads to $150,000 annual savings

Client: Multi-state medical services provider. Situation After several years of contracting and then stagnant growth, the client was looking for a method to increase profitability. Reviews for savings had been considered in the past, but options had been rejected for fear that removing services would reduce brand equity. Process A strategic “intervention” was staged with…

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What happened to my great idea?

I have a great idea! Sometimes we have a great idea and cannot wait to share it with our team! You present it with enthusiasm and it is well received by the team, but the implementation takes forever, or doesn’t occur. What happened? You were excited, and your first instinct was to sell the team…

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