Are you ready to acquire a business?

The question is, how much do you know about the functioning of the business you are about to acquire? You can get a historical picture of the finances, but the realism of a projected income stream is highly dependent on the ability of the leadership team to adapt to your culture. You may be gambling with your money, or your career, if you proceed without assessing these crucial factors.

  1. Key personnel may quit and cause delays in operations and integration. A competitor may offer them a job, or they may choose to leave if they suspect they will lose their position.
  2. They may stay but not be motivated to work or integrate. Do you know what drives them to success? Will it stay the same with new leadership?
  3. The leadership may be unable to adjust to your culture or expectations.

40% of M&A deals fail because the reality does not match the potential.

We give more insight

We can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of the leadership team and the organization. This gives you the information needed to make an informed choice.

  • Leadership potential: How skilled are the leadership at making decisions in a way that engages the workforce to produce results? This may change your growth calculations and time frames.
  • Workforce potential: Are the employees connected to the leadership and intrinsically motivated? This will be problematic for new management if they require constant supervision.
  • Cultural adaptivity: How quickly will the culture adapt to your style of leadership, and what needs to be done to enable the transition?
  • Internal brand equity: Do the employees have a positive view of the organization? Will they stay? A crucial statistic is how many recommend a friend for a job.
Picture of a leader getting feedback from team

When to contact C-Link

When you have found a suitable target for purchase, call 248-781-0150 to schedule a free consultation. We will discuss your concerns and the impact on the transaction at our meeting. From there, you determine which areas you need more information on to maximize your chances of success.

If you are post transaction and need to better understand how to transition the culture, or to speed up the transition, call 248-781-0150.