Prepare for the meeting in a different way

  • Optimize your presentation. What are the minimum amount of data/slides to set the scene and get attention?
  • Use the system to set ‘poll’ questions to keep people’s attention. Plan what are you going to ask and when. What will you do with the responses to engage the audience?
  • Circulate an attendee list in the invite to avoid lengthy introductions in the meeting

How much of my message is getting through?

How much your message is lost

In the meeting

  • Articulate a clear purpose for the meeting and why it is important
  • Assign roles at the beginning of the meeting, so people know what to pay attention to
  • When assigning a task, ensure everyone is clear on who is responsible and the timeframe

After the meeting

  • Be empathic and understanding to what your employees are going through (fear, sickness)
  • Check in individually after the event to give everyone a chance to voice any concerns