About C-Link Consulting

C-Link Consulting was founded by Nick Welham and developed from over fifteen years’ experience of implementing projects for small and medium sized enterprises in the USA and Europe. He provides an international perspective and experience of leading diverse multi-cultural teams.

We have all experienced successes and failures in our professional lives. Why do some of our best ideas fail? After learning more about the causes and understanding what he should have been done, Nick became passionate about sharing these tools and techniques with other leaders. Not only so they could enjoy their own success, but also because they make a tremendous difference to the employees' level of engagement and satisfaction with their work life.

Picture of Nick Welham, President C-Link Consulting LLP

Our difference

Unlike other consultants, Nick has been a CEO of a mid-sized business and understands the pressures involved in making strategic choices. He has seen the difference which good decision making can make to the bottom line, how it improves the morale of the company at all levels and how it increases staff retention.

C-Link Consulting works with you to assess and solve your own problems. You know your business best - we enable you and your team to function more effectively.

Changing your decision-making process can have a major effect on your bottom line. Under Nick’s leadership he implemented a strategic plan which boosted net profitability by 7%. To learn more about how this was done, click here to view the case studies.

Our Mission

We will make your strategic goals a reality, by enabling you to get more from your human capital. Your employees are your most valuable and dynamic resource - get the most from them.

Find out how we can do this by scheduling a complementary consultation. Call (248) 781-0150, email info@c-link.consulting, or click on the button below.