Nick Welham is a senior operations and technology executive with over fifteen years of experience spearheading change as a CEO, COO, and CIO in healthcare organizations.

Select accomplishments include:

• Driving a turnaround in a 35-location business that raised the net profit margin by over 7%

• Orchestrating a complete digital transformation in a 28-location healthcare organization

• Spearheaded negotiations for a joint venture with a hospital system; improving brand reputation and increasing sales by 10%

Picture of Nick Welham, President C-Link Consulting LLP

Nick has extensive experience in leading organizations with multiple locations in the USA and internationally. He has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Communication, and Computing from Bournemouth University and an Executive MBA from Michigan State University. He currently serves on the board of the MSU Executive MBA Alumni as president and is a board advisor to Coordinista, a SaaS start-up.

C-Link Consulting's Values


We will develop and implement creative solutions for clients that truly fulfill their needs.


We will actively listen to our clients, guiding them through a process of discovery, so we fully understand where they are and where they want to be.


Clients must be able to feel a significant change from our work and see tangible results in the way they operate.

C-Link Consulting’s Achievements

• Enabled the launch of a healthcare product line that enhanced revenue by over $350,000 through data analysis and process changes

• Created a framework to analyze marketing and financial projections for an international commercial real estate company to support their commercial diligence of a $100MM transaction

• Directed research and developed the financial model for a $1.8MM healthcare analytics company proposal to a hospital system

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