Why use a 13-week cash flow analysis?

A 13-week cash flow analysis allows you to anticipate cash flow issues before they happen, you so communicate with suppliers and make pre-emptive changes to operations.

Click here to download a 13-week spreadsheet template, review the notes at the bottom of this post and then fill in the blue areas:

  1. Add in your starting cash, AR and AP balances
  2. Fill in the sections for your cash-in and cash-out each week
  3. Each week add in your AR and AP balances

Next Steps

Call C-Link Consulting at (248) 781-0150 or email info@c-link.consulting to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation. From there we can:

  1. Answer any questions you about the analysis tool
  2. Determine if you require a day by day cash-flow analysis
  3. Work with you to determine the effects of various "what if" scenarios. What would happen if revenue dropped 10%, 20%, or 40%?


Read this post "Tough Questions for your Business" for immediate actions to take.


  1. This tool is not financial advice and does not guarantee results.
  2. AR balance going down is good if it means you are collecting more. However, it might also indicate a lack of sales. Conversely, an increasing AR balance might indicate increasing sales or fewer collections.
  3. A declining AP balance generally indicates fewer debts.