Dynamic and Purpose Driven Leadership

We help executive teams and leaders build purpose-driven organizations - one where everyone understands the values and expectations of what makes an excellent customer experience. That shared clarity increases retention and project execution speed. Moreover, it has a major effect on both the bottom line and the happiness of employees.

We recognize that change is hard. You probably feel like you never have enough time and it is affecting your personal life. Do you know how frustrating it is to feel like projects never get done and how painful it is to lose key trusted talent? This shouldn't be business as usual.

We believe that profit is driven by passionate employees who feel a sense of purpose and connection with their organization. C-Link works with business owners and leaders to help them to build purpose-driven organizations and improve critical thinking.

Is this "business as usual" for you?

These numbers may surprise you, but it can change. We invite you to take a free assessment of where you and your business are affected. You can customize an implementation plan to define and deliver the measurable results you want.

Unlike other consulting services

C-Link Consulting focus on two specific areas which drive your business success: organizational purpose and critical thinking.

A group of emerging leaders

Purpose drives effort.

Everyone can feel ownership, purpose and satisfaction from their job, and if you want your team to feel the same drive you do, we can help. Purpose has been used by big and small corporations to give themselves a significant edge in productivity, retention, recruiting, employee satisfaction and yes, profitability.


Your critical thinking techniques drive trust and engagement.

The way you make decisions determines if your team is engaged, committed and productive. It can make or break trust, rapport, customer service and your brand reputation. Decision-making style can be the difference between a 'boss' who tells you what to do and a 'leader' you want to follow and impress.

Get your advantage now

If the status quo is leaving you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and like nothing changes, then make a choice to change. You deserve better. Make the commitment to consider a new strategy which delivers the results you want.

C-Link can help you free up your time, so you can focus on what is important and simultaneously enable your employees to feel engaged, committed and motivated. You don’t have to be frustrated by retention issues and concerned about losing your competitive edge.

Schedule a free assessment to learn how we can help. Contact us at 248-781-0150, email info@c-link.consulting, or use the contact form.