Make your strategy a reality

We work with well-run companies like yours, who are proactive about growing their business but aren't quite closing that gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I’m worried that my 5-year business plan isn’t realistic enough to take my business to the next level
  • I have no system for evaluating and reviewing my business options, and I don’t want to make bad business decisions
  • I'm disappointed about the level of excitement and engagement from my team and worry about losing key talent
of decisions succeed in the short term

Get an advantage

Are you good at decision-making?

Do you understand why some decisions are successful and why others fail?

And when they fail, how much money and how many opportunities has this cost you?

Can you be a manager and a coach?

Do you know how time pressure can often result in leaders just telling employees what to do and not looking for input? Can you always coach your team and manage them?

Executive Coaching

Many leaders are concerned that they just can’t implement change fast enough and worry that their competitive edge will decrease.

What happened to my great idea?

Sometimes we have a great idea and cannot wait to share it with our team! You present it with enthusiasm and it is well received by the team, but the implementation takes forever, or doesn’t occur.

Team Development

Do you know how it can be frustrating for managers when their teams can’t reach good business decisions and they lose market share?

Is your team powerful and dynamic?

Or just you? It can feel lonely and frustrating if you are the only one driving decision-making forward.

Great Decisions Reduce Risk

C-Link Consulting is for business leaders who want a dynamic range of strategic choices to energize and grow their business.

The fastest way to grow your business is increase employee productivity and do it in such a way that everyone feels good about it. If you can help your employees feel engaged, committed and intrinsically motivated, you will achieve more, and they will stay longer. You don’t have to be frustrated by retention issues and concerned about losing your competitive edge. C-Link Consulting can help.


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Unlike other consulting services

C-Link Consulting understands that you are the expert on your business and given the right tools and a clear assessment, you can achieve the growth you want. Our consultants have held executive level positions, so they understand the finesse required to work with determined senior leaders and appreciate how complicated strategic change can be.

How can we do you do this for you?

  1. Create connected and engaged teams working toward goals which will maximize returns (Executive Coaching, Team Development & Workshops)
  2. Ensure that current projects are monitored for effectiveness and strategic meaning (Project GovernanceForecasting)
  3. Create an environment which the whole organization learns from both success and failure. (Executive Coaching, Team Development, Workshops, Project Governance and Forecasting)

Make your strategy a reality

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