How can cultural alignment help me?

Fractional CXO solutions that deliver a faster return on your cash

Is your culture eating your strategy for breakfast?

Experience and research have found cultural alignment to have a significant effect on business performance.

Ask "What can cultural alignment do for me?"

It could make a big difference to your bottom line. It is a real million-dollar question (read more).

How can you measure culture?

We focus our attention on three areas to get the maximum return for you.

1. Clarity of Direction - Purpose drives effort.

Everyone can feel ownership, purpose, and satisfaction from their job, and as you want your team to feel the same drive you do, we can help. Purpose is used by big and small corporations to give themselves a significant edge in productivity, retention, recruiting, employee satisfaction and yes, profitability.


2. Internal Branding - Employee Attitude is seen inside out.

"Don't ever, ever, work there." "I wish had never left."

Look at the quotes above - does any particular experience spring to mind?

From the moment your employees see a job advert, they are forming an opinion about your organization. They are absorbing the expectations, purpose, and standards they see in your culture. If you think it's hard to change the way things are done, it is because of your culture. We can help.

3. Influential delegation techniques drive trust and engagement.

The way you make decisions determines if your team is engaged, committed and productive. It can make or break trust, rapport, customer service, and your brand reputation. Decision-making style is the difference between a 'boss' who tells you what to do and a 'leader' you want to follow and impress.


Your Implementation Timeline

Depending on the size and availability of your leadership team, the discovery process will take around a month.

Week 1a

Week 1: Leadership Kickoff Meeting

We hold a structured two-hour meeting with your leadership team to get an understanding of the problems they face, how long they have been an issue and what has been done before to solve them. This enables us to refine an extensive list of follow up questions and determine who is the best person or group to answer them.

Weeks 2-4

Weeks 2-4: Intensive Interviews

We conduct one to one interviews with you and your leadership team to investigate the issues you are facing. The interviews are typically one to two hours in length, depending on functional responsibility. The purpose is to fully understand the challenges they face and to provide as much immediate insight as possible.

Week 4

Week 4: Report Review & Project KPIs

We present the report and answer any questions you have. The report is broken down by each problem domain and lists the solutions we identify with an implementation timeline.

The next step is to conduct a review with the entire leadership team and decide on the implementation plan. This plan includes agreed-upon key performance indicators (KPIs) which we review as a group each month to ensure you are getting the progress and results you want.


Monthly: Implementation Review

We enable your project implementation and schedule regular meetings to ensure we are hitting our agreed-upon KPIs.


Monthly: Cultural Engagement Surveys

How and what you measure is crucial - if you don't ask the right questions, or are not prepared to take action, the effect will be much worse than if you have never asked.

We have a range of surveys to measure employee engagement and are designed to be distributed on a scheduled basis, so you don't reinvent the wheel. We will review each survey and modify them where needed to ensure you get meaningful and actionable results.

Are you ready to drive change?

C-Link can help you free up your time, so you can focus on what is important and simultaneously enable your employees to feel engaged, committed and motivated. You don’t have to be frustrated by retention issues and concerned about losing your competitive edge.

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