Are you worried that your team gives average customer service? To create and sustain a unique customer experience and sustain it, you must fight the gravity of average performance. How can you focus your effort, and what are the key questions to ask yourself?

How Can You Fight The Gravity Of Average Performance?

How can your company create a unique customer experience and sustain it? If you want to fight the 'gravity' of average performance, you must embrace these four areas of thinking:

1) A culture that actively encourages innovation and reinvention

2) Forward-looking business metrics

3) Pursuing multiple courses of growth and using prototyping

4) Embracing diversity and collaboration to accelerate the speed and quality of decision-making and learning

Four key questions

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To determine your level of functioning, ask yourself these four key questions:

1) How many suggestions for improvement do you receive each week?

2) Do you rely on historical accounting data or project and validate numbers?

3) Is one solution good enough? Do you settle for the first answer?

4) Do you have diversity in your organization in every team that makes and implements decisions?