The Great Knowledge Loss


You probably have seen many articles about "The Great Resignation" but his Visier Insights Report report shows a critical increase in resignations for long-term employees. When you look at the trends, what really becomes apparent?

Companies are losing their knowledge

Companies are really going to struggle when they lose employees who know how to get things accomplished in the organization's culture. The interpersonal relationships that these employees formed over the years and the social capital they built up are lost.

Replacement is a struggle

Companies with long-term employees are generally not set up for a sudden increase in hiring; it puts a strain on the system. When you have a few new employees it is much easier to vet them and ensure they are fit for your values.

How can you prevent this and prosper?

Consider tools like The Predictive Index to:

1. Ensure that your workforce is in the right seat, happy, and engaged.
2. Reduce the frustration and burden of recruiting; Selecting employees that match your values and will integrate into your teams.

Your solution

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