Project Modeling and Evaluation

In a hole? Digging deeper?

Sometimes we lose perspective on what a project was supposed to achieve and how far we are from being able to realize those goals. It's hard to take an objective look at your projects without falling victim to the "sunk cost trap" and "project completion bias".

It doesn't matter what you have spent, or how much you want to finish the job, the real question is: what are you going to obtain versus stopping the project now? These are difficult choices for which we can help you gather the facts and reach an informed decision.

Forecast charts

An objective evaluation can save time and money

C-Link Consulting will work with you as an objective outsider to evaluate the costs and benefits of pursuing your projects. Our process is to:

  1. Review the assumptions used to calculate the Net Present Value (NPV) of your project. We will help you ascertain if they still hold true and if the project is able to provide the projected benefits.
  2. Look at how the range of outcomes used for each major project assumption and how they will affect cash flow. We will work with your team to model the factors involved, using techniques such as  decision trees, scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis and Monte-Carlo simulations.
  3. Work closely with you to review the results so you can proceed in a way which maximizes your return. We can work with you to restructure work to mitigate risks to a point where you can realize the value you need.

Your customers have choices

Every dollar and every hour that is spent on a project which does not advance the firm's strategic goals, puts you behind your competitors. Your customers have choices, so don't let someone else be an option.


Our Forecasting services can be combined with a Project Governance review for a complete picture of your future. You may also be interested in our Executive CoachingTeam Development and/or Workshop sessions.

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