Are you good at decision-making?

Effective decision-making is a key ability for any leader, as it determines the ROI of any project and ultimately whether the firm is successful. Most of us assume that we make good decisions, but extensive research has shown that this is not true. Do you know which techniques can maximize your success, or should you concerned about losing out on valuable opportunities?

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Your approach is the key to success

You can have the best idea in the world, but if it never gets implemented, how valuable is it? Research on decision-making techniques show that how you go about the process will determine if you get both a wide range of quality options and something your team is excited about working on.

Certain decision-making techniques can increase the success rate to more than 90%, yet only 7% of managers know or use them.


What would this do to your net profit margin, if you knew these techniques?

SMB average net profit margin
Using effective decision making techniques*

How to be engaging and effective

Get little or no input from their team

38% of managers get little or no input on their decisions and this can make their team feel ignored and unappreciated. Moreover, it has been shown to get the worst results during implementation, resulting in frustrating projects which take too long, or never get completed. We can help create an environment where everyone feels engaged, but you remain in control and get the results you want.

When looking for a solution, 79% of managers look at one option, which almost halved the chances of an effective implementation. If you are frustrated with endless issues causing embarrassing delays to your projects, we can help you uncover potential costly issues.

Look at only one option

Real results

We helped a client stage a 'strategic intervention' which had a dramatic effect on their net profit margin. The techniques changed the team perception from threat to opportunity and created an open trusting environment where they felt safe and confident to consider all options.

Two major projects were launched from this change which had a major impact on their profitability. The first gave them an annual boost of around $150,000 and the second an annual increase of $200,000.

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Post intervention profit margin increase

We can make difficult decisions easier

If you want a more enthusiastic and engaged team, which provides high quality ideas and solutions, then call now. Your success and wealth depends on you making effective decisions and we can help you feel certain that you are making the most from every opportunity.


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A simple call might be the best decision you'll make.

*This is an extrapolation based on the research figures for the success and failure of average decision-making returns vs. those made with the best techniques. The effect cannot be assumed for every business and every problem.