Client: Multi-state medical services provider.


After several years of contracting and then stagnant growth, the client was looking for a method to increase profitability. Reviews for savings had been considered in the past, but options had been rejected for fear that removing services would reduce brand equity.


A strategic “intervention” was staged with senior managers by sharing the issues the company was facing and convincing them of the need for change. They were challenged to provide a range of options to satisfy the issues, and then each option was reviewed for its financial impact, cost of implementation and staff perception.

The chosen option had been previously rejected, but we were able to re-explore the issues and develop a plan with the stakeholders.  The implementation affected the workflow every staff member and almost every patient. Despite the magnitude of the change, it was positively received by all involved.


This change resulted in annual savings of over $150,000. Moreover, it allowed patients to start their treatment regimen faster and had no effect on public perception of the brand.