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Team Development

3 Key Points about Staff Turnover

1. It’s bigger than you think 51% of your employees are considering a new job. Realistically, they won’t all quit at once, but the average turnover rate was 26% in 2017. Look around the office and imagine how difficult it will be to replace a quarter of your team and the impact it will have…

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Want to retain your talent?

Want to retain your talent? Many studies have shown that how you make decisions has a dramatic impact on not only how effective the outcome is, but also whether your team wants to stay working with you. You may be frustrated by how difficult it is to find good candidates for your open positions now,…

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Stop Complaining About Your Colleagues Behind Their Backs

HBR posted an interesting article about how a “confirmation expedition” affects the reputation of those who gossip more than their targets. I think that the third strategy for not engaging in this behavior (towards the end of the article) should have been: “Make it a personal policy to talk to the person you have a…

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Is it possible to be a manager and a coach?

Do you know how time pressure can often result in leaders just telling employees what to do and not looking for input? When you are overwhelmed, it’s hard to take a moment, go beyond what you want done and ask for feedback. Pressure closes us off from our creative side, which allows us to consider…

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Is your Team powerful and dynamic? Or only you?

Just me? The feeling that you are the only one driving the decision-making process forwards can be a lonely and frustrating experience. Leaders should be in the position to ensure the best decision is made, not having to make every decision. One option would be to remove yourself from the decision-making process, which may sound…

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