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Staff retention

Don’t let the ‘iceberg of ignorance’ sink your company

Do you know how frustrating it is when you introduce a new system or process, and the team’s response is lukewarm at best? It may be that the chosen solution solves your understanding of the problem, but the people who will use the new system see the issues very differently. If you want an enthusiastic…

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3 Key Points about Staff Turnover

1. It’s bigger than you think 51% of your employees are considering a new job. Realistically, they won’t all quit at once, but the average turnover rate was 26% in 2017. Look around the office and imagine how difficult it will be to replace a quarter of your team and the impact it will have…

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Want to retain your talent?

Want to retain your talent? Many studies have shown that how you make decisions has a dramatic impact on not only how effective the outcome is, but also whether your team wants to stay working with you. You may be frustrated by how difficult it is to find good candidates for your open positions now,…

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