How are my projects late and over budget?

Executive forecasting from charts

What are you getting for your investment?

Have you ever wondered why you spend so much money and it doesn’t seem to change anything? You should know what proportion of your projects are defensive and are used to maintain existing capabilities versus offensive projects to create competitive advantage and profit. Do you need to be cutting edge, or can you increase margins by reducing spending? Which of your projects will position you to leap ahead of your competition?

Your success

We believe that IT Governance means that technology must be integrated with business strategy. You should never find out that projects don't deliver what your customers need, or arrive too late to be of value. Your success will depend on it.

Know which projects will give you value

C-Link Consulting will enable you to see how your projects are positioned and how they will create value for your organization. You will see if:

  1. The changes do more than just maintain current IT Operations
  2. What effect they will have on business processes
  3. How they change or could impact your business model

We can also assist you in analyzing your competitors so you can have insight on their next moves and how they might respond to your initiatives.


Project Governance can be combined with our Forecasting services for a complete picture of your future. You may also be interested in our Executive Coaching.

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