Is it your job to make the decision, or your job to make sure the best decision gets made?

Do you find that only part of your team participates during meetings and that important decisions are made before the meeting starts? Does the decision-making process take too long? Do certain team members half commit to projects and then throw up endless issues during implementation?

You are not alone. Many companies have issues with constructively engaging their management teams to make decisions in a way that avoids politics, is done in a timely manner and produces effective results.

Effective decision-making creates teams and job satisfaction
Effective decision-making creates teams and job satisfaction

What can we do for you?

C-Link will show you how to reduce the stress of the decision-making process and get a higher quality of result. We can guide you on how to make conflict safe and productive. Our goal is to make it a rewarding and engaging process for all, that gains commitment from all participants, regardless of which option is selected.

Are you ready to change?

  • Get a wider range of ideas from your team and gain the most from their expertise
  • Encourage effective, productive conflict to reach intellectual, not emotional decisions
  • Control the pace and timing of decisions, so that everyone contributes, and you reach a speedy closure
  • Gain a wider range of commitment for decisions and improve the implementation success rate
  • Learn how your actions shape how others see you as a leader