Partner Experience

Here are some of the sectors C-Link Consulting's clients thrive in:

• Healthcare
• Life Science
• Wellness
• Advertising & Marketing
• Financial Services
• IT Managed Services
• Not-for-Profit
• Leisure

And some of the kind words partners said about their experience and the value I bring:

Jeremy Yaklin. CEO - Ease Seating Systems

"As any entrepreneur can tell you, starting a business requires founders to fill multiple roles to get things done. As our business has grown, the need for specialization has become obvious. When we brought Nick Welham in as an operational advisor, he was able to bring an outside perspective and share immediately actionable insights that helped move the needle right away. His experience and professionalism are obvious and greatly appreciated."

Cindy Bauer - CEO, Coordinista

"Nick Welham added value from the first day joining our team, in short order providing insights towards reducing costs and improving profit margins. Nick’s analytical nature and eye for detail drove us to a deeper understanding of how to streamline our processes. Nick’s friendly and calm demeanor makes him a pleasure to work with. He’s been a great addition to our team and a valuable contributor in helping us reach our next milestones as an emerging digital health company."

MJ Nowak - Not for Profit Executive

"Through our continued meetings with Nick, the C-Suite was in agreement that the culture of the agency needed to be fine-tuned. Nick’s suggestions were presented in a way that may execution realistic and doable. Obvious suggestions that many leaders don’t see, such as increasing trust at all levels, transparency from the leadership team and continuous communication were critical.

Nick’s initial report was filled with valuable insight and next steps for continuous, and immediate improvement, along with next steps for the near future and long term.

His professional approach and manner of facilitating meetings made conversations and collaboration among the C-Suite team highly effective and certainly rewarding."

Andrew - Coaching Client

"Nick Welham has helped me realize which of my tasks are truly essential. I have been able to prioritize my day based on what only I can do, and delegate the rest. I have seen an increase in productivity and sense of greater time in my day that I attribute to the questions and processes Nick has challenged me with."