Our Purpose

C-Link Consulting's purpose is to enable organizations to optimize and deliver an experience that will excite their customers and employees.

We create an authentic strategic goal that connects and engages employees to feel that their daily work makes a difference in other people's lives. Using guiding principles, employees can make better decisions, innovate, and deliver the best possible customer experience.

Our values


We will develop and implement creative solutions for clients that truly fulfill their needs.


We will actively listen to our clients, guiding them through a process of discovery, so we fully understand where they are and where they want to be.


Clients must be able to feel a significant change from our work and see tangible results in the way they operate.

About C-Link Consulting

C-Link Consulting was founded by Nick Welham and developed from over fifteen years’ experience as a CEO and owner/operator implementing projects in the USA and Europe. He provides an international perspective and experience of leading diverse multi-cultural teams.

We have all experienced successes and failures in our professional lives. Why do some of our best ideas fail? After learning more about the causes and understanding of what he should have been done, Nick became passionate about sharing these tools and techniques with other leaders.

Picture of Nick Welham, President C-Link Consulting LLP

For me, this was literally a million-dollar question.

"I didn't realize how out of alignment my company culture was, but by creating clarity of purpose, using influential delegation techniques and relentless focusing on the customer experience, 12-months later the net income increased by $1 million dollars."

Are you ready to drive change?

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