Group Workshops

Group workshops combine a theoretical outline of how to make good decisions, with a practical examination of real life cases, so your team understands how they can apply their new skills in their work.

Workshops can be held on or off site, and the content will be customized to fit your organization's needs and time frame. Call 248-781-0150 to learn more and to schedule a date.

Picture of a team engaged in a learning exercise

Current Workshops:

Removing the barriers to excellence

  • How you unconsciously limit your search for solutions
  • How your market position affects your aspirations and the extent of your search
  • Benchmarking and analogies – who should we copy?
  • The stages of decision making
  • Seven common dangers in decision making
  • Why organizational learning fails

How to be a highly effective decision maker

  • Controlling the timing and pace of decisions
  • Challenging the team and setting a strategic direction
  • Defusing politics and constructive conflict
  • How team structure and diversity affect decisions
  • Key points for all good decisions
  • What is a leader? Which qualities should I project?
  • Organizational level challenges

Workshop sessions can be combined with Executive Coaching and/or Team Development sessions. You may also be interested in our Project Governance or Forecasting services.

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