Develop your team

Having a neutral third party will give you a lot of insight into how your team functions. The team development process actively engages your team in restructuring their decision-making process, by providing them with information on how to make better decisions and how to improve team interaction. This understanding can be repeated with their own teams, so the benefits cascade down your organization.

Team Development is done using a combination of personal meetings, observation of team meetings and on-line surveys, and can be an extension of executive coaching.

Group of executives meeting around a table

Leadership insight

  • Is your team aligned with your strategic goals and why not?
  • Identification of sub-groups within the team, what effect they have on decision-making and options to reduce any political conflict.
  • Learn what participants feel about the meetings they attend and what they get from them
  • Changes you could make to enhance or speed up the decision-making process

Team acumen

  • How to identify and mitigate decision making traps
  • How their perception of the situation affects their response
  • How their choice of tactics used to search for solutions affects implementation success
  • Constructive conflict techniques to increase the quality of results

Team Development can be combined our Workshop sessions. You may also be interested in our Executive CoachingProject Governance or Forecasting services.

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